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Till now, BUIDL is not only a crypto meme that calls on people for building the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem instead of passively holding, but also a future of work in the web3 world where people invest their time, money, efforts, and expertise to exchange for ownership or a piece of project or business in remote, permissionless collaboration and thus build their careers like portfolio managers.

As in the traditional business world, credit and reputation are still the cornerstones of web3 BUIDL, and more importantly. The reputation and its evaluation systems of web3 BUIDL help recognize and incentivize participants' contributions, which is crucial to the growth and sustainability of any web3 project or product. And we can see such examples of reputation systems as points, levels, titles, badges, certificates, and social tokens.

Nonetheless, there are problems existing in current reputation systems such as arbitrariness, inaccuracy, silo and fragmentation in the record, difficulties in verification and authentication, achievements that are easy to be falsified, modified, and removed by third parties, and reputation damage from the direct tokenization happened in some social tokens.

Proof of BUIDL Protocol or POB Protocol aims to provide an effective solution to those problems listed above.


POB Protocol is defined to be a decentralized workflow protocol for web3 BUIDL.


The POB Protocol is defined to be a decentralized workflow protocol for web3 BUIDL by which users issue, claim, submit, and verify tasks through smart contract and validator network and all data is stored on public blockchains and decentralized storage networks. Each workflow supports the Soulbound Token as BUIDL-based verification, which constitutes a verifiable reputation system.


In order to enable a universal layer for decentralized applications (DApps) to plug in the BUIDL-based reputation system, The POB Protocol must meet the following requirements:

  1. Decentralized & multi-blockchain - the protocol is to be deployed on any Ethereum Virtual Machine compatible blockchain and is ready for a multi-blockchain ecosystem in the future by design.
  2. Tamper-proof & public verifiable - All verifiable reputation data generated by the workflows that are based on blockchain and decentralized storage network allows for permanent preservation and is not easily tampered with. Anyone can view past and present reputation records because of the fully decentralized on-chain data.
  3. Scalable and flexible - the protocol provides a free and flexible workflow model that supports both parallel and serial task nesting modes, and with the support of a validator network, it can provide multi-channel data support for validation, meeting almost all scenarios that require workflow support.
  4. Data encryption & privacy protection - the protocol supports the building of encrypted workflows, which meets users’ privacy needs without compromising decentralization. For private tasks, users are at will to authorize specific groups of people to participate in workflows, view workflows, etc.
  5. Self-sovereign & interoperable - the protocol returns the ownership and utilities of verifiable reputation data back to users who should have autonomy over how, where, and for what their data is used. And the POB Protocol empowers everyone to travel between DApps with their own verifiable reputation as part of their web3 identity.

Use case

Community & DAO

  • Community Moderation & Level-up
  • Governance Voting
  • Performance Review

Content & Education

  • Content Contribution Score
  • Content Review & Ranking
  • Course Score & Certificate

Collaboration & Outsourcing

  • Bounty Program Contributor Selection
  • Grants Program Candidate Selection
  • Web3 Infra Leads Outreach


  • Credit Score
  • KYC
  • KYE

Fundraising & Investing

  • Founder Due Diligence for Investors
  • Investor Ranking for Builders
  • Project Scout


  • Builder Airdrop
  • NFT Whitelisting
  • Tech Brand Early Bird NFT Airdrop

Recruiting & Hiring

  • Background Check
  • Payroll Smart Contract
  • Talent Scout